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This site will feature tutorials by Humannature84 and will cover all aspects of vector art.

Curriculum will include:

Figure drawing


Design Basics

Advanced vector lighting and rendering

And much much more!

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  1. ha, really well made video. I’m excited for the launch and expansion of the whole vector scene. It’s inspiring me to get more work online

  2. Nice Video Mike. Now, November is marked in my calendar

  3. Hey Human,

    Watched the video twice.
    I just can’t wait to see what you’re coming up with for us.
    Although “Figure drawing” and “Anatomy” are probably going to slow me down a bit at first. But I trust you. Maybe 100%. Heh Heh.


  4. Cheers Mike, All the best

  5. This is so good its ridiculous. I’ve been working in illustrator for years and obviously I haven’t used it to its full potential.
    Great work!

  6. No Reply-button again up there.

    vectology news | September 7, 2011 at 6:26 pm

    “What do you use to draw in Illy ?” Just regular default brushes.

    “Or maybe even better to ask, what will we need to follow along ?”
    A pdf manual and all drawings will be downloadable!

    How does that sound?

    I confused you with my second question.
    I was trying to find out if you’re drawing with the mouse, a tablet, trackball, or WHY ?

  7. Honestly I have never seen vector art as complex or as beautifully done like you have done here. I’m just starting in Illy and tho it’s a bit tough at first, the results you can achieve are really worth it. I’m still learning and hope to learn much more from all this.

  8. Can’t wait for November

  9. Vector God be my Sensei teach my the way of the brush lol…Seriously dope stuff though can’t wait till the site drops

  10. Man!

    You’re an inspiration! I am also a vector artist and uses only a mouse on my works. Upon seeing your awesome and unconventional, man, I was in AWE!

    Keep it up dude! You’re GREAT!


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