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Great sketching can be achieved with Adobe illustrator, no blends or raster effects required.

This technique will be covered thoroughly on VECTOLOGY.ORG  because it will be the basis for all quick rendering and character and design exploration. Color and textures can be added to these quick rendering, or re-traced to fit you design needs.

Tools used:

Adobe illustrator CS5 ( works with any version)


I hope this opens possibilities for everyone!

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  1. Would you consider uploading your vids to vimeo also? Most of the day Im at work and Id like to be able to view the tutorials during work and lunch but I wont be able to if theyre all on youtube as the site is blocked by my company.

  2. Awesome as usual humannature, can’t believe you are doing this with a mouse! Do you use a custom brush or setting as well? i’ve made some sketch brushes, but still have to work it a bit to feel natural – your sketches look like pencil!

  3. WOW your skill is unreal, and you don’t use a Wacom????

  4. wow, for only mouse. it is clear that you have a dominance in this technique!!

  5. Thanks for uploading and teasing us a bit.

    And good to hear that CS4 will also do. Happy camper here.

    Creatures are great fun. But will we also learn to draw one or two (superhero) babes or dudes. These always have exaggerated or understated proportions, but still look “natural”.
    Comic Book style characters colored with your coloring techniques. Can’t wait to pay with blood, sweat, and tears to get there.

    Oh God, I wish it was November already. 🙂

    • “Creatures are great fun. But will we also learn to draw one or two (superhero) babes or dudes.”

      I will be covering comic book character design also!

      • “I will be covering comic book character design also!”
        Yes! That’s going to be a milestone in my life.
        Once I’m able to draw, ink, and color like that, I’ll have them printed larger than life size.
        They’ll be covering every wall in my house.

        You are writing history man. No kidding.

        • “Once I’m able to draw, ink, and color like that, I’ll have them printed larger than life size”

          Do you any work I can see now?

          “You are writing history man. No kidding.”

          It’s like a dream man, This site is only the subscription sign up
          site and its already humming with Comments! I never knew it would happen like this!

          • “Do you any work I can see now?”

            No recent stuff.
            Also, I was educated with drawing table and rulers. Freehand stuff was secondary. (AutoCad was just starting to make a name for itself), and 640KB PC’s ruled the world exclusively.).

            After my graduation as an ID, I was immediately drafted in the army for 18 months, into their IT bunkers. I was returned to society as a brainwashed Systems Analyst/Programmer, instead of the Interior Designer I was when drafted. Lost almost all skills, except for perspective drawing (with table and rulers).
            Had a few attempts to get back to arts (evening classes) but always gave up because the transition back didn’t go fast enough And destroying all my work too. I just want to become a right-brainer again. Like in the times when money was not important, only enjoying ID and other classes and assignments.

            LOL, the frustration is not as huge as it will come across. Believe me.
            I still have good hopes that this dormant domain will be filled with vectors by me :
            I had some of my work uploaded there, but wiped it all. Here is a thumbnail of how the frontpage looked like 3 years ago (the most uninteresting part of it) not really finished but all vectors :
            I remember that I attempted to approach Photoshop coloring results in Illustrator.

            I’ll quit now, because I’m hijacking this whole site with my Mark Twain novel sized comment. 🙂

  6. your process is so unique and different, i like it a lot!

  7. Extremely cool. That looks much faster than tracing lines with a pen tool and far more organic. Very cool, the first person I’ve seen using that approach. I’ll definitely be following.

  8. MAN! that’s awesome! you inspired me to do vector painting again!
    and i’m amazed to know that you use mouse!

    Congrats, you deserve it

  9. WOW that is so amazing!!

    I use Illustrator CS3 does it work that wat? and what type of brushes you are using or the brush settings you are working with?

  10. Hey HN84! Awesome sick skills and it’s really great that you are so willing to share… helps and inspires us other artists a whole lot…. It’s amazing what you are doing, especially cos with illustrations in vector you can blow it up whatever size you like! I have always been interested in doing illustrations of characters and creatures and all, but never was able to grasp the skill of exaggerating and getting some forms right. I get ‘stuck’ a lot.

    Question, any particular settings that make your vector lines so pencil-like or so soft when it comes to rendering? Thanks again for sharing all these things…

  11. wow. amazing. didn’t know you can do this so easily with AI. I have to try it 🙂 thanks for inspiration!

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