OPEN CALL FOR VECTOR ARTIST! is coming along great. WordPress themes have been bought, tutorials have been recorded, and sleep has been lost! These past couple of weeks have been very hectic for me with the article (click here if you haven’t seen it yet!), and just trying to figure out what direction is headed. I have decided to make an open invitation to all creative vector artist who have something to add to the vector conversation. Artist like Marcos Torres, and ChewedKandi have contributed to the vector art community for a while now and I love that spirit of giving back to something that you love! I have three openings for vector tutorial writers that I would like to fill asap! I want the most diverse, kick A%$, off the wall vector artist to rock my world! Send me a link of your portfolio @ and we can get started! This will be a fully paid gig so show me your best work and tutorial writing assistance will be provided.

The vision I have for is one of innovation and appreciation of the vector medium.  The future is very bright for this vector community, and I want you to be apart of it! I am not the end all be all of vector innovation. In each and everyone of you lies the strength to push any medium of art and move mountains at will, you just have to push yourself to the max!

Now its on to the FreeeeBeeees!

Here we have Vector halftone brushes made with the great Adobe Illustrator Plugin Phantasm CS. The guys Astute Graphics really know how to make a vector artist happy. Be sure to stop by  Astute Graphics  and try their products.

You can follow me on twitter @HUMANNATURE_84  and remember to subscribe to receive updates!

Thank you!


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  1. Great update~ I’m definitely going to need to arrange my portfolio quickly before you guys leave me in the dust~ Too bad my job takes most of my time~

  2. Hey, that is great!! i discover new artists!

  3. Thanks for sharing the news! I am very much looking forward to Vectology,org! But I’ve got one question: Will it also be a community for people who are still on their way to become vector artists? for the ones who want to learn? I like the way you reply to every comment here, so I’ve got the feeling that people like me will be welcomed in the same way as already known artists. However I would like to contribute to the community, too, and not only to take. Will there be ways to do that?

    • “I’ve got one question: Will it also be a community for people who are still on their way to become vector artists?”

      This site will be for anyone who wants to learn and contribute to the vector art community. I’m exploring many different ways that can create a sustainable community that moves members from novice to expert.

      Ulla, for now your role may only be to absorb what has to offer. Later on when you feel stronger and more confident in your abilities you can move on to teaching. Take as a gift from me to you. 🙂

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