The Big Day: 11-28-11

THE STUDY BEGINSThe big day is approaching, and the excitement is overwhelming. Today marks 29 more days until my labor of love is born into this world. It has been a great pleasure serving the vector community, and it has been along and treasure filled experience for my  family and I (much sleep has been lost!) and we have grown closer because of you all!

The below video is just a small sample of what has to offer. My goal is to provide the vector community with tutorials that are not only top quality, but also a deep sense of belonging. Be sure to watch in full HD.

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  1. Awesome video!
    Thanks for share this Mike. November 28 is now checked in my calendar.

  2. Great video – inspirational work yet again. Bring it on!

  3. *clap clap clap* Amazing tutorial video !!

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