Vectology news is the brainchild of Mike Austin aka HumanNature84. My goal is to spread the good news about vector concept art and design.


  1. Hey, it may be a good time to get rid of the default filler text in your About section now that you have a link in a Daily Deviation pointing a big red neon sign at this website. 😉

    Otherwise, it looks like the site’s going to be awesome. Good luck on the upcoming launch. I’m about to start writing art tutorials (anatomy and digital painting) for a site in October, myself. I’ll keep an eye out for anything cool from Vectology for my posts.

  2. Hey Mike, This is some truly inspiring stuff, I really like the direction that your pushing vector art towards. This is great and I’m really looking forward to more. I myself am a designer and front end developer so if you need any help at all on the site (design or coding) definitely feel free to email me.

    Rock on!

  3. Just wondering what kind of tools do you use regularly?

  4. This is exactly what I needed!
    I’ve just broken into the vector medium (freakin’ love it!) and I’m looking for ways to push my creativity beyond pen-tool photo traces and logo development.
    I really appreciate what you’re doing here and I’ll be back regularly!

  5. Hey there,

    This is a very useful place for vector art. I like your artwork and I would like to get access to the latest videos, it says that they are set to private. How can I get access to them again?


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